A specialist in residuals-to-resources innovation

Ecoson is a specialist in repurposing residuals into renewable resources. Working with local partners, we collect manure, organic food waste and swill from restaurants and food manufacturers, and use these materials to create high-quality, high-value solutions. Combining state-of-the-art technology with uniquely sustainable processes, we produce renewable electricity and renewable gas for the local energy market and organic phosphate-based fertilizer for agriculture. In full compliance with legislation, we ensure that the different residuals we take in and the products we manufacture with them remain strictly separated at all times.

Global demand for sustainable energy is rising

Global demand for sustainable energy resources is increasing. At Ecoson, we’re pleased to be part of the answer to this major challenge. Taking the organic food waste produced by the food industry and converting it into renewable electricity and gas, for instance, we create maximum value from by-products, contributing to economic and ecological sustainability.

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