Creating biofuel from animal fats

Alongside our fermentation facility, we operate another facility, in which animal fats are converted into bio-fuels. The fats we use for this process are supplied by our neighbor and sister company Rendac, another residuals-to-resources specialist belonging to the Darling Ingredients family. 

Upgrading animal fats into stable biofuels

We designed our fat processing installation with the specific purpose of upgrading animal fat to stable biofuels. Using state-of-the-art cleaning and refining processes, we first de-acidify the fat. This results in Ecoson Bioline, a renewable fuel that is suitable for use in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and thus provides a sustainable alternative to natural gas or fossil fuels. 

The leftovers are used as ingredients for biodiesel and fertilizers

The by-products resulting from our biofuel production process, are, again, put to good use. Some of this digestate goes to our sister company Rendac and is used as an ingredient for organic fertilizers, while the fats are sold to biodiesel manufacturers, who apply ‘transesterification’ to make a fuel suitable for combustion in diesel engines.