Creating value from the materials you collect

At Ecoson, we are uniquely equipped to create maximum value from organic residuals streams. It is our specialty – and our way of contributing to a more sustainable supply chain. So whether you collect by-products from slaughterhouses, food processing plants, supermarkets or foodservice companies, we can make sure your materials are put to the best possible use – safely, efficiently and in full compliance with regulations.

Contributing to a sustainable value chain

Not only will the materials you collect no longer have to be destroyed, you will be contributing to a sustainable value chain creating renewable resources for our world’s growing population. For instance, we use meat by-products for other purposes than fats or trap grease, and put manure to different uses than redundant food batches. At Ecoson, waste never goes to waste; instead we use it to create value.

In order to find out how you can work with Ecoson to turn the raw materials you collect into renewable resources.