Closing the loop together

Many industries produce organic waste, from slaughterhouse flotation sludges to organic food waste, swill, outdated or otherwise redundant food and catering products and trapped grease. Without pioneering concepts like Ecoson’s, these by-products would have to be destroyed, as they might otherwise pose a health risk. Destruction causes pressure on the environment. Ecoson takes these waste streams and creates maximum value from them.

We’ll help you find the most efficient solution

At Ecoson we understand that efficient logistics are one more way of closing the economic and ecological loop. With that in mind, we won’t hesitate to recommend a third-party food waste collector, if that is better solution for your business. What’s more, we will be happy to connect with your food waste collector so that together we can optimize the value chain and improve our joint environmental performance.

Improve your sustainability performance

By partnering with Ecoson, you will not only be efficiently relieved of unwanted by-products, you will also contribute to closing the ecological and economic loop, as we use your leftover organic materials to create renewable resources. 

Collection services

At Ecoson we are well-equipped to help you get rid of your organic residuals on a consistent, reliable basis. The equipment we use for this purpose depends on your needs and wants:

  • From small roll containers to large, 600-litre boxes
  • Truck containers
  • Tank trucks

Find out how we connect with food waste collectors