Serving the energy market with animal fats

Alongside our facilities for renewable energy and biophosphate production, we operate another loop-closing facility. In this facility, we repurpose animal fats – that is, animal fats that are unfit for human consumption and therefore must be removed from the food chain and destroyed. We use them to serve the energy market.

From fat to Bioline: fueling green ambitions

Using state-of-the-art cleaning and refining processes, we first refine, or de-acidify, the fat. This results in two products. The first is Ecoson Bioline, a renewable fuel that is suitable for use in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants and thus provides a sustainable alternative to natural gas or fossil fuels. When applied, Bioline can strongly contribute to the ambition of becoming energy-neutral.

Another closed loop

In addition to Bioline, the animal fat refinery process also yields feedstock for biodiesel production. Biodiesel producers are eager to buy this feedstock from us, subjecting it to a process known as ‘transesterification’ to make a fuel suitable for combustion in diesel engines. The resulting biodiesels are both sustainable and increasingly marketable, making our animal fat refinery another example of a closed loop. At our plant in Son, we also have a small-scale facility for producing biodiesel ourselves.