Solving the mineral surplus in Dutch farming

Pig manure is so rich in phosphate that in the Netherlands – a country known for its intensive livestock farming – it has become the cause of a significant mineral surplus. As a result, Dutch pig farmers are legally required to find an acceptable processing solution for their excess manure. At Ecoson, we have that solution.

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Producing fertilizer pellets from manure

At Ecoson, we subject the pig manure collected by ourselves or our partners to bio-digestion. This process yields two products. The first is an organic phosphate-based fertilizer. It comes in the form of dry pellets that are easy to transport and to apply to farmland. Thus we help Dutch farmers deal with their manure surplus, while providing farmers in other countries with a shortage on phosphates.

Another zero waste solution

Our processing of pig manure also produces biogas. We upgrade this biogas and add it to the renewable gas we derive from organic food waste streams. This makes our pig manure processing facility another example of a zero waste solution. Taking unwanted residuals like this and using technology and a vision of a more sustainable world to turn them into solutions is what we do best.