Feeding flora and fauna with clean water through our unique Ecozone

After the biogas and the biophosphate have been derived from our raw materials, one last product remains: water. Bringing the sustainability circle to completion, we purify a portion of this water on-site – through a process that produces yet more biogas. We also use the water output of several other Darling brands located on the same industrial park. We then feed this clean water into our Ecozone, a unique, natural cooling basin connecting our plant with its natural surroundings and providing the prefect habitat for numerous plant and animal species. The water that is not used in this process is transferred to public waters. 

The Ecozone, a unique ecological buffer zone

The Ecozone located next to our plant in Son represents a unique blend of flora, fauna and sustainable industrial activity. A special cooling basin designed exist in harmony with its natural surroundings, the Ecozone provides numerous plant and animal species with the perfect habitat. Maintaining biodiversity alongside industrial processes, the Ecozone concept demonstrates that economic and ecological sustainability can co-exist and even augment each other.

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